LE D’OR全天然舒緩皮膚敏感沐浴泡泡 Shower Foam (750ml)


Product Information

全天然舒緩皮膚敏感沐浴泡泡 Shower Foam



採用獨家進口優質原料。 包括高精油(霍霍巴油,葡萄籽油,小麥油),溫和清潔毛囊細菌,並保護您的皮膚免受精油的傷害。


 甘油,蘆薈,荷荷巴油,葡萄籽油和小麥油, 香水,天然草本精華(如玫瑰,薰衣草,洋甘菊和天竺葵油)和純淨水。




Natural Materials with no steroid and antihistamine in the content. Using exclusive imported high quality raw materials. Including high essential oil( jojoba oil, grape-seed oil , wheat oil) mildly clean hair follicle germs and protects your skin benefits from essential oil.


Glycerin , Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Grape seed Oil, and Wheat Oil, Fragrance, Natural Herbal Essential ( such as Rose, Lavender, Chamomile,& Geranium Oil) & Purified Water. 

Mild Cleanings Function on Hair Follicle against Bacteria. 

Eczema Formula are well tested with proven results. 

Following USA-FDA & World Health Org chemical Safety Guidelines.